steen rasmussen - visual arts


I'm a danish visual media artist working full time as painter and photographer - based in the Copenhagen area of Denmark.

I started my carreer as a painter back in high school, but since 2015 I started working full time as an artist.


  2015  -  Bjøn Ignatius school of art

  2016  -  Spektrum school of art

  2017-2019  -  various workshops and courses

Painting projects:

  My painting projects are:

      * Abstract waterreflections   and

      * Super realistic landscape or still life


(see page Exhibitions)  


In the Galleries you will find both paintings and photographs.

The photographs can be purchased using the contact buttom here.

New photographs are normally showed at 500px.com/steenr

The photographs can be delivered in many sizes and mountings - therefore contact me for

framing and price

The Paintings gallery contains my newest paintings - available for sale - please use the contact buttom if you are interested in buying a paticular painting.

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